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In 2020, the UK Government introduced the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG). The scheme allows payment to small scale generators when exporting renewable energy back to the grid.

Battery storage isn’t essential for a solar system. When you’re out, energy produced throughout the day is stored so you can use it to power your home or car whenever you need it.

No. Solar panels work by drawing light. Although your panels will be more efficient during sunlight hours, they will still draw a considerable amount of energy on cloudy days or during shading.

Whilst having solar panels on a south facing roof is optimum, your panels will still draw a considerable amount of energy using other directions of your home.

Yes, we offer maintenance and periodic cleaning of your panels. The team will discuss our options with you.

You must have a meter capable of providing half-hourly readings.

PV is the conversion of light into electricity.

If you’re generating more than you’re consuming, you will feed energy back into the Grid via the SEG.

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